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I’m just really excited for october because people will start having costume parties for no reason and I can be The Dude AND Raoul Duke

Thinking about tutoring in the Bronx and listening to “New York I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down” every morning on the subway :/:/:\

I can’t wait to be really drunk and see third eye blind preform semi charmed kind of life on saturday night

its going to feel like a music video, i think 

a boy I’m really attracted to in a platonic way (does that make sense) loves interpol so I’m trying to make myself like interpol but I really do not like interpol 

My mom is really upset with me and she’s saying that my social life is destroying my school work but i have never forfeited study time for partying until this past weekend because it was my birthday

like sorry i wanted to get shitty  and forget about everything i have on my plate right now 

This guy on my hall had kind of long hair and a goatee and he would wear a baseball hat with a tshirt and gym shorts everyday and i don’t know what the hell happened but i walked into my seminar and he shaved his goatee, chopped off all his hair and was wearing a polo with nice khaki shorts and i literally said god damn because

he looks like an entirely different person I’ve never seen a haircut do so much i am in awe 

1 am sad girl looks

1 am sad girl looks

I wish boys weren’t all about sex, it’s like, I know we met on tinder but i think you’re so cute and perfect and i want to get to know ya not get under ya 

u feel me?